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Issue #1 Of The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine Is Officially Available !

It's here! Featuring six tales of rock and roll themed horror and weird fiction, Issue #1 is now available! For a limited time, Issue #1 will be pay what you want/can (suggested price $5, trades accepted). Any money you give will help fund this project and get more works published by underground writers. 
Featuring stories by E.N. Dahl, Josh Anderson, Ira Rat, Ben Fitts, F.M. Scott and Chase Block and artwork by Jared Sarnie and Rose Chateau.  Available is varying colors. 
You can also leave a note regarding your order, shipping details and a payment to the PayPal address or the Venmo account @Ben-Fitts
Please contact for order details or visit:
NOTE: However you order, including through the link above, it is vital that you include your shipping information. That information is needed to get the zine to you. 
The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine is open to unsolicited submissions indefinitely!

Due to the overwhelming response from the first call for submissions (which not only filled issue #1 with accepted stories but has gotten a good start on issue #2 as well), The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine will always be open to stories that meet the guidelines above (also see the submission guidelines page). Any deadlines that may be periodically posted refer only to the latest possible cutoff date to make the very next upcoming issue and any stories accepted past that date will be featured in the soonest issue with an available spot.

Printing on Issue #1 Has Begun!

The first batch of issue #1 is being made at this moment! Pictured above are a few of the first finished copies.

Submissions Are Open Until Filled