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My Birth And Other Regrets by Ben Fitts - Out Now!

The debut short story collection from The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine's creator Ben Fitts is out now! It Features two stories previously included the zine plus seventeen more that span a variety of genres. From the back cover: "Welcome to a world where the irrational and unexpected is just a way of life, and normality is reserved to be nothing more than a perpetuation of victimization… A House in the sky – Existence amongst human statues – A decomposing corpse in a water-cubed desert – Mysterious conversations with an old oil-painting – Western erotica by way of Webster’s Dictionary – Heavy Metal infants in utero – A grotesque rotting ailment – Coma-based realities – Unusual private investigators for God – Male body dysmorphia – A fever-dream punk show – Part human, part clownfish… all elements in an experiment that’s completely unstable, and highly explosive – NOT SAFE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! My Birth and Other Regrets is a wonderfully weird and beautifully bizarre venture
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Ben Talks About The RnRHZ on Bizzong! Podcast

The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine creator Ben Fitts talks about zines, writing and music on the recent episode of The Bizzong! Podcast with Frank Edler. Listen here:

One Last Duet With Davy by Ken Goldman

One Last Duet With Davy by Ken Goldman   “I’m an apprentice at death having died only once                           And what bothers me most is the silence...”                                                                        The Dead Shed No Tears                                                               ©1995, RattSnake                                                               The Barbosa Tapes                                                                Available on CD and Cassette                                                                Ramblin’ Records, Inc. On a warm night in the early spring, David Winston Barbosa, the handsome creative genius behind the rock band RattSnake, polished off the last of his Johnnie Walker Scotch, placed the muzzle of his .45 Colt full into his mouth, and sent a bullet smashing through his frontal lobe. The slug tore a large hole through the top of the rock star’s head. It carried with it a

Music Of The Piper by Matthew Wilson

Music Of The Piper by Matthew Wilson “I always hated being deaf, meningitis got me as a baby and nearly destroyed my inner ear as well as part of my brain and though mom told me I could still have a full, fun life, I still envied other kids hearing birds, running water and more in style at the time,” -Richard “The Piper” Omar Idiots said he’d sold his soul to light up that guitar the way he did and when kids came to school wearing his image on their shirts, again I envied their coolness for getting expelled. The great Richard Omar oozed danger and so I wanted to sample this alluring music that topped the charts every week. Until Omar killed everyone. To be fair, I guess he made everyone kill each other but it was the talk of our household when police surrounded his villa on live TV for attacking that female fan at a hick city concert. The police ordered Omar to his knees, but the great musician played one lick of his guitar and laughed when the officers

The Riffmaster General by Ben Fitts

The Riffmaster General by Ben Fitts Lilith trembled as she plugged her Gibson Explorer into the massive Orange stack on the stage. Of course, her guitar wasn’t really made by Gibson and the amplifier wasn’t really made by Orange. They were just clones of the original brands. It was possible that those companies still existed back on Earth, but Lilith thought it was unlikely. Ever since the United Nations Of Earth ordered the exile of all metalheads from the planet, citing their presence as a danger to religious freedom and Christian values, the gear manufacturers must have been hit pretty hard. Lilith thought Fender was probably fine, though. The decision had no impact on indie rock bands or country singers. Everyone from the village was there watching her, sitting solemnly in their ceremonial patch jackets and bullet belts. She was able to make out her parents in the dim blue light shining on the audience. They sat front and center by the stage, as was customary fo