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3 Zine Bundle Is Now Available For One Low Price!

Do you want all three copies of the zine at once? Well then you're in luck! Here by popular demand,  the three zine bundle is all of the extant issues of the zine available for one low price!

Get it direct here (U.S. only):

or through Etsy here (U.S. + international orders):

Issue #3 Is Out Now!!!

Issue #3 is out now!!!
In this issue you’ll encounter a singer whose murder weapon of choice is her songs, a battle between Nikki Sixx and Medusa, a punk band whose music is less recommended for pregnancies than all the world’s roller coasters and vodka combined, a strange planet inhabited entirely by people who think they’re Elvis Presley and more.

Featuring stories by Thomas Vaughn, E.N. Dahl, Ben Fitts, Frank Edler, Matthew Wilson, Matt Wall and cover art by Rose Chateau. Available in pink and blue. 
You purchase this issue though Etsy (U.S. + international) here:
Or for slightly cheaper shipping, you can buy it direct here (U.S. only):

Daemonum by Richard Beauchamp

Daemonum By Richard Beauchamp
“I don’t know man, the guy kinda spooks me honestly. I tried looking him up after I heard the demo reel. No social media, no previous band history.” Brett Aickman said as he faced his Engl half stack and tuned his guitar while his bandmates performed other various pre practice rituals. “Guy is a fuckin ghost. Look, if he kills it today and we decide to bring him on board we gotta talk to this guy about building an online presence.” He continued. “Who gives a fuck if the dude lives off the grid or something man, we go on tour in a week, and his vocal performance was one of the most insane things I’ve heard. I’ve heard brutal gutturals before and guys who can fry their highs out the ass, but this dude literally doesn’t even sound human. I love it. I’d give less of a shit if he was the fuckin’ zodiac killer. If he can bring that sound to the stage and keep us from having to cancel our CD release tour, then I’m sold.” John Cromwell said as he likewise tuned his …

Strings of Madness by Micah Castle

Strings of Madness By Micah Castle

I quickly walked into Jordan’s house. The stench of stale weed made me cough. He said on the phone that he wrote — or found? — something that I had to check out. It wasn’t just another thrash metal riff, or deathcore breakdown, or power metal guitar solo, it was something completely original and new. I doubted it, but I decided to entertain him — what else did I have to do on a Wednesday night anyway? “Jordan?” I called, shutting the door. “In here!” He was in the living room, sitting on the old, plaid couch his grandparents gave him when he finally moved out of his parents’ basement. The band t-shirt he wore was torn near the collar, and the faded blue jeans looked older than me. He had his guitar sitting on his lap, while the knee-high amp hummed with white noise. A bud burned in a gray ashtray on the stained coffee table in front of him. There was only one chair in the room, an old recliner he picked up from Goodwill. I sat down and quickly noticed that…

Punk Rock Drummer of the Living Dead By Matthew Vaughn

Punk Rock Drummer of the Living Dead
By  Matthew Vaughn
Now... I love watching bands play, it gets me hyped to get up there and start jamming out. The band before us, an all chick zombie, hardcore punk band, called Rotten Vaginas, were killing it. The crowd was loving it as they tore through a set of fast, nasty songs. The undead in the pit in front of the stage were throwing around a zombie with no legs and only one arm. I saw another zombie, this one pretty decayed, get shoved up on stage. The lead singer kicked him in the face and most of his rotten flesh slid off and flew through the air. It was awesome! The Rotten Vaginas were gonna be a tough act to follow, but I was ready. The bands were all sharing gear, so when they were done we didn't have to haul a bunch of shit on stage. It was nice too that there wouldn't be much down time between bands. As we got on stage the crowd was already moaning and starting to lose interest. That changed when Steve strummed that first power ch…