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Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting, please review the information below in addition to the basic guidelines posted above. PLEASE READ ALL SUBMISSION GUIDELINES BEFORE SUBMITTING.

The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine is looking for rock, punk and metal themed horror/bizarro/weird fiction or art and comics on that theme. This concept is open to interpretation, but the music should play a significant part of the story and be more present than simply a rock and roll attitude or inspiration and can be reflected in the setting, premise or characters. Stories involving specific bands or musicians are fine, but not required. Please do not bother submitting stories not on this theme "just to see". You're just wasting your time and mine.

The best way to understand the kinds of stories the zine would be interested in is to pick up a past copy, but other for examples try checking out the collection "Amazing Punk Stories" by David Agranoff or the anthology "Axes Of Evil".

For artwork, make sure that your submissions contain elements of BOTH rock and roll and horror/weird fiction. Zombie rock bands, demonic electric guitars, minotaurs with mohawks wearing Misfits shirts and other things along these lines are what the zine is looking for. If you send artwork (or stories) that are JUST rock and roll or JUST horror/bizarro/weird fiction, it will be rejected. Also, artists should bear in mind that the zine is as of now printed in black and white. If you submit cover art, please do not include any text. All text, including the title of the zine, will be superimposed over your image later. Also, remember that this is a DIY zine every copy is handmade with a scanner and printer. This means that line-drawings that leave lots of bank space will inevitably come out the best.

Submissions are now open indefinitely. Although deadlines may be occasionally posted, they refer to the latest possible cutoff to make the next issue. Any submissions accepted past that date will instead be applied to the next issue to be released after the cutoff.

Please include all submissions as an attachment and introduce yourself and provide some context in the body of the email. Please also specify that this is a submission for The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine, as that email address is used for some other projects as well. Just dragging your submission into an email and pressing send without any words is kind of rude, just saying. If you submit, please be willing to cooperate with potential edits and remember the goal is to make your work as best as it possibly can be. Response time can vary but recently the zine slowing down the speed at which new issues are coming out, so please be patient. If you do not hear back within two months please reach out, because it probably means that your submission was not received. 

Multiple submissions and reprints are fine, but it is unlikely (but not impossible) that you will have more than one entry in a single issue. Flash fiction is fine as well. You can mention specific songs and musicians, but any copyrighted lyrics will not be printed. The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine does not print poetry, your song lyrics or anything that promotes hate or intolerance.

Personalized feedback can be offered if requested (including for rejected submissions), but do not expect it otherwise.

The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine wants to represent the full scope of humanity and encourages submissions by people of all identities.

In the body of your email, please include what name you would like to be credited as, as well as a shipping address for your contributor copy and how you would prefer to receive payment should your story be accepted. The zine is sent submissions from many countries across the world, so please format the address correctly for your country to make sure the contributor copy reaches you. Please also include one professional link that you would like shared later on should your story be accepted and go on the website (the stories are usually posted roughly month after the print release of the issue).

The current overall acceptance rate is roughly 40%, although it varies from issue to issue based on how many submissions are received.

If you have any further questions, please email

Thanks for your interest and hope you send some great stuff!

-Ben Fitts, editor


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