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Issue #5 Of The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine Out Now!

Issue #5 of The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine is out now!

Featuring six new stories of rock, punk and metal themed horror/weird fiction, issue number six includes members of The Sex Pistols, Grateful Dead and Warrant as they have some really rough days and more! Includes stories by R.A. Goli, Selene MacLeod, Matthew Wilson, Frank Edler, Josh Schlossberg and Marc Shapiro and artwork by Melissa "The Druid" McGee. Edited by Ben Fitts.

Issue #5 is available through Etsy here (worldwide):
or you can order direct here for a slight discount (U.S. only):

Choose Your Own Death - An Interactive Horror Zine Out Now!

Choose Your Own Death is a 50-page interactive horror zine from the creator of The Rock N' Roll Horror Zine. This zine is a choose your adventure horror story for adults!

Pick up a copy here:

or order direct for a slight discount (U.S. only) here: