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All 4 issues of the zine are still in print. 

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Order directly for a slight discounted price here (USA only):

Or order from anywhere in the world here:

You can also mail order by sending cash and a note containing a shipping address and which issues you would like to receive to:

Ben Fitts
Hampshire College PO Box 1309
893 West St
Amherst, MA 01002
United States


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End Times at Rock ’n’ Roll Joey’s By Madison McSweeney

End Times at Rock ’n’ Roll Joey’s By Madison McSweeney
There were about eight of us left, after it was all over. Me, Mallory, and Brent, and Fred and his three goons. And then there was Rock’n’Roll Joey. Eight of us, then, plus the cooks – but they weren’t really…us, anymore, ya know? The day we crawled out of the fallout shelter, the ground was still slick with a green goo. When we stumbled upon the last surviving strip mall, Fred took a crowbar to the door of the Dollarama, opening up an oasis of non-perishables and soaps.We had it pretty good. It was Brent’s idea to scope out the diner next door. The Rock’n’Roll Joey’s was connected to the Dollarama, on the very edge of the strip mall; Brent figured they might have some edible food lying around, and with any luck, a working oven. The front door was stuck tight, so we went around the back, and Fred once again forced the door open with that crowbar. As we crossed the threshold, I was surprised to hear the soft sounds of a jukebox playing …

A Host Without An Audience by Micah Castle

A Host Without An Audience by Micah Castle
Am I live? The digital readout says it’s working, generator’s half-full… Ah… Yes, I’m live. Hello to the listeners who can still understand me! Ah, shit, hold on… Have to… turn up speakers… Wish I could see how much battery is left, doesn’t matter… Just have to make sure I can’t hear that damn song… Okay, okay… Ah, Tchaikovsky, can’t get enough.
Sorry, I’m back and ready.
I’ve spoken to you before about my life: my flat, my pets, my childhood and parents — everything that I once had but now stolen, destroyed by the disease, that song… But today, I’m going to talk about history… Now, you might be thinking actual history, like the World Wars or the Cold War or Russia and Germany and Japan and— no, nothing of the sort. I’m going to be talking about recent history, the origins of that damn song that caused it all, the song that pours from seemingly every radio in the world, from every tele, from every goddamn iPod from sea to shining-fucking-sea… And, I…

Excuse The Blood by A.K. McCarthy

Excuse The Blood By A.K. McCarthy
Fret Frenzy Magazine staff writer Michael Dufresne was assigned to profile rock guitarist Alistair Cromwell in April 2018, and the following is the article he submitted. Dufresne has not been in contact since sending this, and Cromwell has denied that this interview ever took place. Don’t call him Al. That’s the one thing Alistair Cromwell’s agent told me in advance of my interview with the Fetus Fajitas lead guitarist. The simple, if odd, request made me picture a standoffish subject and one who prefers to set the narrative, even when it comes to what people call him. Get him at his favorite San Antonio coffee shop, though, and the 24-year-old seems like an old friend. Cromwell told me to meet him at Rubella Coffee at noon sharp, and when I got there a few minutes early I found Cromwell already halfway through his first cup. We sat on the patio, the merciless Texas sun beating down on Cromwell’s heavily tattooed hands as he gripped his coffee mug. Even in …